I've been sleeping under my rock for quite some time. >__< That explains the lack of posts, by the way. XD

So, yeah. I've attended the two album launches for Tokio Hotel's Zimmer 483. It's their very first German album to be released here in the Philippines. Teehee~ :D

The first album launch was held at Astroplus, SM North Edsa, The Block on April 21 while the second one took place at Astroplus, SM Mall of Asia on April 28. Two launches happened because most of the fans are situated in the southern part of the Metro and most of them won't be able to come since the first launch happened on the northern part of NCR. :))

I'm supposed to write a post telling my adventures and my experiences but I guess I'm just too damn lazy. ;____;

LOL And May 25 marks the start of filing of application forms for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). Still not taking any measures whatsoever. TBH, I'm not yet reviewing. Huhuhu ;~~~~~;

Oh, and I just created a new userpic. I know, it's fucking lame and ugly but I'm still using it. DD: I want to somehow improve my non-existing skills but JKDSKDJS DDD; /cries

Well, this ends my post. Hopefully the following days will be more interesting. 

Today is the day!
Well, today, April 21, 2012, embarks the celebration of Tokio Hotel Pilipinas of Rated G 2012! For those who don't know what this is, it's THP's celebration of Tokio Hotel's bassist, none other than Georg Moritz Hagen Listing. 

And also, it's the Zimmer 483 Philippine Album Launch! YAY! :)

Zimmer 483 is the very first German album of Tokio Hotel to be released here. THP conducted a poll on what album should be released, and fans voted that it should be Zimmer 483. We had to rank Schrei, Zimmer 483, and Scream, with 1 being the highest, on what album should be released here in the Philippines. Well, here was my vote:

1. Schrei
2. Zimmer 483
3. Scream

For me, Schrei is the best Tokio Hotel album. I don't know why, but I guess the lyrics just struck me. They're just so powerful and emotional. Well, for me at least. XD

Huhuhu I really thought that I won't be able to come here because I'm so broke. D: I'm supposed to receive my friend's payment for his debt but he said that he won't be able to pay it. DD;

Good thing, fellow Tokio Hotel fans Xandra and Jackie agreed to buy me an album and I'll just pay them! Hurray for them! /hugs both <33 

I guess I should end this now. LOLOLOL Just sneaked in to type a post. XD

Check out the post before this for more info about the album launch. ;)

That's it! I'm gonna do a follow-up post afterwards. :3

'Til then! :D


See you Aliens at the Tokio Hotel "Zimmer 483" album launch on April 21, 2012 (Saturday, 10AM to 4PM) at Astroplus SM North The Block! 


* Buy one Zimmer 483 album and you get:
--- 1 Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 poster
--- 1 Tokio Hotel Necklace (chose one: Zimmer 483 / Bill / Tom / Georg / Gustav)
* Buy one Zimmer 483 album and any one of the previous Tokio Hotel releases and you get:
--- 1 Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 poster
--- 1 Tokio Hotel Necklace (chose one: Zimmer 483 / Bill / Tom / Georg / Gustav)
--- 1 Tokio Hotel giant poster

- Tokio Hotel TV Caught on Camera DVD
- Tokio Hotel Humanoid Deluxe album
- Tokio Hotel Humanoid City Live DVD
- Tokio Hotel Best Of Deluxe album
- Tokio Hotel Schrei Live DVD
- Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 Live in Europe DVD (with Tour Documentary)

TOKIO HOTEL BRACELETS for the FIRST 200 BUYERS so be early! All Tokio Hotel Zimmer 483 album buyers will have access to the photobooth at the venue. Games and raffle prizes and surprise goodies await fans who will be buying the album so don't miss it!

ZIMMER 483 is the second studio album by the German rock band Tokio Hotel. The album produced four singles including "Übers ende der Welt", "Spring nicht" and "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)". In contrast to other Tokio Hotel releases Zimmer 483 has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to sales, with over 375,000 copies sold in just two months. 

1. Übers ende der Welt
2. Totgeliebt
3. Spring nicht
4. Heilig
5. Wo sind eure Hände
6. Stich Ins Glück
7. Ich brech aus
8. Reden
9. Nach dir kommt nichts
10. Wir sterben niemals aus 
11. Vergessene Kinder
12. An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)

Save up, Aliens! More details soon! 


We waited and worked so hard for five years for this to be released, Pinoy Tokio Hotel fans! Let's make this album chart and contribute to the success of the album in the country! Buy your Zimmer 483 album at Astroplus SM North The Block on April 21, 2012 (Saturday at 10AM onwards) and join the rest of the Tokio Hotel Official Philippine Fan Club as we celebrate Georg Moritz Hagen Listing's 25th Birthday (we know his birthday is on March 31 duh we know we'll be late! LOL). The fun and games starts at 2PM so don't miss it no matter what!!! 

Don't miss out on being crowned as the ASTROPLUS FAN ROYALTY! 

Inform all your friends and invite them to this event and let them know just how important this is to our fan base! SEE YOU ON APRIL 21ST! LITTLE ISLANDS, BIG FANS! :)

Thoughts (April 13, 2012)

As usual, I did nothing productive today. XD

LOL I was sleeping at around 10AM when my mom suddenly jolted me from my slumber because she was searching for her ISOM 2nd Trimester book. Apparently, she couldn't seem to find it and she thought that I was the one who put it away. I simply told her that maybe she misplaced it or placed it in a different bag or something. 

Luckily, I was able to find it. Under a white cloth. XD

So, throughout the day, I simply ate and ate and ate. Did I say that I just ate? =))

I had Indian mangoes (you know, the little, green mangoes), kamote (or taro, as you refer to it in English), veggies, rice, and Spanish bread. I took pictures but my card reader isn't working so yeah. :-/

BTW, my Lolo (grandfather) trimmed Bulilit's whiskers. XD Bulilit is our newest cat; she (or is it he) was given away by our neighbor. :3

We have three cats. They are Yam-Yam (which I call Yammer), Ponkan (I call her Ponkanized and Ponkanizer) and Bulilit. Bulilit's name isn't really Bulilit; my cousin calls him/her Sachi while I decided to name him/her Feilong. We then settled to cal him/her Bulilit since he/she is stil small. :33

On a different note, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' songs are growing on me. LSS on this:


It's an old song, yes. But it's still awesome. :D

Hmm. Well, I guess that's it. More stories to come. XD


Hi again! :3

It's been around two weeks since the end of our Junior days. Gah, time really flies. I didn't even notice that I'm already heading to my last year in high school! Days went by so quickly. :O

Last April 11, 2012, we went to get our report cards. We can go to the school any time between 9AM - 5PM to get them. But due to some things, our adviser decided to cut it short and declared that we can only claim our cards until 12NN. LOL I think I was eating my lunch by that time. Good thing my friends decided to get my report card for me. Hurray! :3

We also got to know our sections for the next school year. Me, Nica, Zaira, Brian, and Renzo all made it to the first sections! IV - Apricot FTW! Sadly, Ma. Cassandra (or Mhara-bebs as I call her), didn't make it. She was dropped to the second section, which is IV - Aquamarine. :'(

LOL So why this post is entitled 'Achievement'? 

On April 12, 2012, at exactly 1:58 AM, I made my very first GIF! LOLOL This sounds very shallow but I never really tried doing animated images. I tried it though, and I was surprised that I made a pretty decent job. 

I simply printscreened certain images from a video and made a GIF! LOL It was somewhat difficult capturing every movement, but I'm glad I've made it. :D

Well, I present to you, MY VERY FIRST GIF! 

Of course there are tons of flaws to it. LOL Notice that the Seek icon is still visible. XD

But I'll make sure to practice and practice and practice! I have no clue that making GIFs can be this fun. I hope I'll be able to improve my skills. :3

Hmm. I'm thinking of making another post but it depends whether my laziness will suddenly evaporate from my system. XP

Until then. :)

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Welcome to my journal. LOL This serves as a temporary introductory post until I somehow manage to create a decent one. XD

I guess that's it? XP


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